AI Taking Over As Therapists!?

This controversial topic is sending shockwaves through the therapy world, and not in a good way – AI is out to snatch traditional therapy jobs right from under our noses. How did we let this happen?


Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room – this isn’t just some sci-fi movie. It’s happening, and it’s happening fast. AI, with its fancy algorithms, is getting scarily good at impersonating humans. It doesn’t need a lunch break, a paycheck, or even a ‘thank you’. It’s a fucking machine. 


AI Taking Over As Therapists!?


Now, I’m all for technological progress, but we can’t ignore the casualties in this digital takeover. Human therapists have dedicated their lives to helping people through their darkest times. They bring empathy, intuition, and a comforting presence that AI can never mimic. Yet, here we are, facing the harsh reality that their jobs might be under threat.


AI Taking Over As Therapists!?


Let’s not forget the deep human connection that therapy offers. It’s about sharing your soul with another human being. AI can give some advice and recommendations, but it can’t give you a reassuring hug when you’re feeling down or offer a shoulder to cry on.


shoulder to cry on


And what about privacy and trust? Can we really trust our deepest, most personal thoughts and feelings to a machine? Fuck NO! It’s just too weird talking to a non-human being about shit that’s happening in your life. Imagine telling a machine your deepest secrets, fears and emotions, when they can’t feel anything. How can they truly understand?


AI Taking Over As Therapists!?


In conclusion, AI therapy may offer convenience, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness, but we can’t lose sight of what makes us human and how important human values are. They are crucial in a THERAPY session!


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