Are You The Pick Me Girlie Or The Know-Your-Worth Girlie?

Today’s blog post has been inspired by this super relatable, funny, easy to read book, ‘Why men love bitches’ by Sherry Argov. I have just started reading it and I can’t get my eyes off of it. Miss Sherry delivers the tea about how women should act around men when they want to seduce them or when they’re in a relationship with them or when they just started going out on dates. It’s all about boundaries, y’all! And today’s blog post is for my girlies only! 


So, how do you approach a man? Doesn’t every woman want to know how to make a man go crazy over them? You wish for them to desire, to crave all of you. Well, you get there not by being a pick me girlie, but by knowing what you like and by HAVING A PERSONALITY! 


Are You The Pick Me Girlie Or The Know-Your-Worth Girlie?



Let’s get right into it, everyone must have encountered at least a pick me bitch once in their lifetime. If not, girl, sorry to break it down to you, you’re the pick me bitch! :)))) Pick me girlies are the female species which make us, all other women, look pathetic. They’d say or do anything just to attract and comply with the male gaze. She’d say shit like ‘Girls are so dramatic. That’s why I get along so much better with boys.’, ‘I’m just not really like other girls.’. Honey, you don’t even believe yourself! And the list goes on, but we’ll get there in a second. 


Are You The Pick Me Girlie Or The Know-Your-Worth Girlie?


Sometimes these creatures will even begin to bash you in front of other men, just to prove that they are the ‘cool’ girls. So when they’re surrounded by women they feel threatened by, they’ll automatically try and drag them down. For example ‘Oh my god. You’re wearing so much makeup. Why’d you get so dressed up for this—we’re just hanging out with the boys!’. Like give me a break, why don’t you fucking lick his ass already? 


Are You The Pick Me Girlie Or The Know-Your-Worth Girlie?


From a man’s perspective, these types of women are great for one thing and one thing only… To satisfy their needs. So, they get on with that. And then, what’s left? The woman has no charisma, you don’t have shit to talk about because she always agrees with you and you’re left with a pick me, yes-woman girlie. Buh-bye!




The know-your-worth girlies, on the other hand, are the A-class girlies. They bring back the feminine, supporting other women, don’t fuck with us energy. These women are aware of the power they hold. And they don’t let no man tell them otherwise.


A-list girlies


The know-your-worth girlies are women who indeed have self-respect for themselves and know their fucking worth. They are women who are secure and confident in who they are, what they believe in and what they have to say. They can and will set clear fucking bondaries and they won’t let men play them as they wish.


‘Girllll, bye!’ That’s what she’ll say. If a man doesn’t treat her as he should, he’s out, no questions asked. That’s what I call a healthy mentality, a NECESSARY and ESSENTIAL one. He can’t play you because he’s already playing your game. The one where you’re not available whenever he wants and you’re not going to agree with him on every single matter. In short words, you’re not a boring and personality-free bitch! You have your own shit to get done. Your time isn’t something he takes for granted! 


Are You The Pick Me Girlie Or The Know-Your-Worth Girlie?


That’s how you’ll get him obsessed, honeyyyy! He’s going to crave every single piece of you. Be authentic and freely yourself with all your thoughts, values and don’t let him play you. You know better than that. You can get any man you want, don’t settle for a man who would rather have a pick me girlie. You are elite, bitch! Go get it!


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