Can Men and Women Be Friends

This must be one of the most controversial and debated subjects in our modern times. Can men and women be just friends? The answer to this question is both yes and no. Why? It depends a lot on you as a person. Can you separate the platonic part of your friendship and your sexual urges?


can men and women be friends


It’s no surprise that we work on instinct, we are animals, we want to fuck, eat, sleep, repeat. But, in a friendship, things don’t really work this way. Sometimes, one of you catches feelings or you can’t deal with the sexual attraction in between you and your friend anymore, and you yield into these urges. It can either fuck up your friendship or create a more romantic relationship.


Most of the time, men tend to fall into temptation. Once you get to know a woman deeply and you talk to her almost all the time, it’s quite inevitable to not see her as a potential partner or fuck buddy or mother of your children. Well, maybe not really the mother of your children, but your mind goes different places, for sure. 


This has happened to me several times with men in my life, which at that time, I considered really close friends. I looked past it because I truly cherished our friendship. So, they either got the memo and stopped pursuing things in a romantic or sexual manner or they literally ghosted our friendship and wouldn’t be honest about what they felt. I will always appreciate honesty over cowardly!


Perhaps that’s why I continued my friendship with the men that were transparent with me. It’s a lot better than gaslighting me into thinking we were never friends or that you never gave a fuck about me. Own up to your shit!


trust and honesty in friendships


Sexual attraction goes both ways. I’ve had friends I’ve been attracted to as well. One of them is my current boyfriend. I feel like I’ve always been straight-forward about my intentions and if I wanted to fuck you, you would’ve known. But with male or female friends that you’re not sexually attracted to, you should set clear boundaries from the beginning. ‘We are JUST FRIENDS!’ In every relationship, platonic or romantic, communication is key. 


So, can men and women be just friends? In some cases, yes, no doubt. At the moment, my closest friends are men. And it’s a blessing! I get to understand the male version of things. You gain unique perspectives and insights a woman would never even think of. I get to see them in very vulnerable situations and this is what reassures me that our friendships are real and genuine. 


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    1. Hi, sorry if this comes off as rude, but lately i ve been thinking about doing a blog myself since i have some things i ve been wrapping my mind around for the past few months. I wanted to know if you make any kind of profit from doing it?:)

      1. Hey! You’re not being rude. No, I don’t. I just enjoy writing a lot and I honestly don’t really care if it’s monetized or not. This is my safe space, it’s like I’m writing in my diary. You can all see and read my perspectives upon various subjects. Which to me, it’s kinda crazy, but very intriguing! Do what feels right for you. I can say that having your own blog is so very worth it! Hope this helps!

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