Casual Sex

Welcome to 2023’s hookup culture, where fucking random guys or girls doesn’t automatically label you as a slut or a fuck boy. Casual sex is the go-to for people in today’s society. We don’t feel the need to connect with other human beings on a deeper level anymore. We are satisfied with the fact that we feel wanted by someone and our sexual needs get fulfilled.



I mean fucking random people can be great for a SHORT period of time! You don’t have the commitment of a serious relationship, you can fuck whoever and do whatever you’d like. There are no strings attached whatsoever. You don’t need to get home so you can spend quality time with your girlfriend/boyfriend. You can just text that person whenever you feel like having sex. It’s 3 am, you’re drunk and you have the urge to fuck, that’s fine. Text him/her! 


casual sex pros


We are biologically created to have sex. Everyone wants to fuck. It’s the thrill, the adrenaline of encountering someone who seduces you, someone you have an instant physical connection with. The feeling that you are DESIRED by someone, the chase, the game. It can feel ecstatic at first! But, it’s just the physical aspect of your body that gets satisfied with casual sex. Nothing else! And with that, comes a lot of disadvantages.   



Honey, let’s be real, at one point you’ll feel like something’s missing. Oh yea, the EMOTIONAL CONNECTION everyone is running away from! It’s so much easier, faster to not have a significant other, to not have to open up to someone. When you get over that ‘hoe phase’, you’ll feel exhausted. So much energy wasted on random people. So many superficial conversations just to get what you wanted aka sex. 


Not to mention, the fear of having STDs or oh, my period is late this month! Nothing kills the sexual vibe like something that requires medical attention. WEAR A CONDOM, ALWAYS! You don’t know where that dick or pussy has been! If you don’t have a condom, or he/she doesn’t, easy, we’ll fuck next time. Don’t put yourself in danger just for physical satisfaction! It’s NOT worth it! 


casual sex cons


Last but not least, casual sex can make you feel like an object. You’re both using the other person just for sex. It’s like you have a walking dildo or pocket pussy on hand whenever. Whether you want to admit this or not, it fucks you up! We’ve all been there. It plays with your emotions. It’s like, is that all I’m worth, a booty call? It makes you question a lot of shit. Your dignity, first and foremost. 


At last, everyone is free to make their choices. Do what feels right for you and have fun doing it! Fuck whoever you want, whenever you want!


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