Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can help you bond with your partner on a deeper level. Talking during sex appeals to our minds and bodies. It adds a second sensation (hearing) to any sexcapade, stimulating the brain in ways other than just touch.


Dirty talking can make some people feel awkward or like they don’t know what to say. It can be intimidating. But, here are some tips to overcome your fear and anxiety of talking during sex.



It’s not rocket science! Just go with the flow, don’t overthink it and say whatever comes in your head. You don’t have to verbalize elaborate shit. Keep it simple! You could just say out loud the things you already think in your head. For example, a good starting point could be ‘Oh my god, you are so fucking hot!’.


how to stop negative self-talk



You need to feel safe with your partner. If you know you’re in a no judgement zone, you will be way more comfortable in being vulnerable and dirty talk. You won’t have as many inhibitions, as you would, let’s say, with a random person.


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Asking your partner what he/she likes is the way to go. If they enjoy being degraded, you could be more aggressive and assertive in the way you speak to them. So they feel like they are inferior to you. If they enjoy a more sensual way of talking, you could probably start by complimenting them and telling them how turned on you are just by seeing and feeling his/her body.


dirty talk



Everybody has to start somewhere. You can’t perfect your dirty talking without actually doing it. Yes, there might be moments when it’s going to be cringey and you’re going to feel awkward. But, remember that it’s always way worse in your head, than it actually is.


dirty talking



When you will feel comfortable dirty talking, you don’t have to go all out in the beginning. Baby steps, start with small phrases and grow from there. It may take a while, but you’ll get better and better at it. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it!


dirty talking


Consistency and confidence are key to dirty talking! Don’t feel ashamed of verbalizing your desires when you’re fucking! Embrace dirty talking! It can be an awesome experience!


Have a great week filled with sex and happiness! See you next time!


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