Hello….? It’s New Year’s Eve, bitches! We made it ‘til the end of the year, again! I don’t expect you to read this on New Year’s Eve. Maybe you’ll read it tomorrow, when you wake up with a major hangover and you’ll crave a light read which you can savor in bed. Who knows?


Let’s reflect upon 2023 together. This blog post will be more like a diary entry. So, get comfy and introspective. The beginning of the year had no WOW factor for me. It started like every other year. I didn’t expect much out of it, to be honest. Plus, cold weather depresses me. I don’t don’t don’t like it. I only enjoy it if I’m going skiing. Either way, I can’t wait for it to be over.


Happy new year


So, the first big event of my year was when Dana, her mom and I started to plan our Madrid/ The Weeknd trip. This happened at the beginning of January. Ok, that’s when I was like woahhhhh, oh shit! It was extremely exciting! First of all, THE WEEKND and second of all, our first girl’s trip EVER! 


happy new year


Then February came over, and it was my boyfriend’s bday and we went to the mountains and had a super romantic weekend. Also, in February, I launched Iwi Spills The Tea!!!! OMGGGGG! It’s almost been a year since I’ve been writing here for you, guys! Wtf…. Time flies too fast.


elevator picture boyfriend/girlfriend      iwi spills the tea


March, finally Spring! And that’s when we decided, oh it’s getting warmer, let’s go to London, where it rains 24/7. Hahaha, Eddy had his first international concert there, so, obviously we went to support him. And it was a very nice, memorable trip. London is not particularly my fave city, but it was cute. I definitely would not move to London.


pink pony


April, bitches, my birth month! What else can I say? A wonderful, beautiful, heart-warming month. No, it’s not my birthday, not my birth week, it’s my BIRTH MONTH… PERIOD. I have a love-hate relationship with April because I hate organizing my bday gathering, it’s so fucking stressful. But, I made a pact with myself, I never want to organize bday gatherings anymore. From now on, it’s a random, whatever day.


happy new year


May is my bestie’s bday month! So, ofc, very exciting! It was finally warm outside. The inner hoe in me was making an escape. A bit rusty tho, from all the thousands of layers from winter. But, all in all, an amazing month! 


happy new year


June, babyyyy! It’s summer! SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER! The month of vacations and trying out new experiences. At the beginning of June, we went to Brand Minds (it was a Christmas gift from my parents’) and it was very interesting. I learnt a few new tricks about marketing, how to manipulate the customer and how to stand out in the business game. And whenever you hear June, you hear  Rome, honey. Yes, we went to Rome. It was gorgeous. We met up with the other half of my family that lives in the USA, we tried paragliding for the first time and we walked about 30 000 steps per day. That’s what I call a great vacay! Also, at the end of June, I worked with Dana on a very exciting project she had, Stellar Studios. Yes, she launched her own clothing brand and I was a proud mama.


Rome      paragliding.    stellar studios


July, finally, The Weeknd’s month! A fucking dream come true. I have the chills rn just thinking about it. July was intense, astonishing and just unreal. July was the month I started experimenting with TikTok accounts and the type of content that works best for this platform.




August was the month in which I learnt how to put boundaries in my professional life. I had to do with the most complicated client of my career. All I will say is that if we don’t vibe the first month of working together, I am gladly going to stop our collaboration. Don’t need a hostile energy around. I’d rather protect my energy. Thanks!


September was the month I started putting into action what I’ve learnt in August. It was a hard lesson to learn and not a pleasant one, but it kicked me in the ass to start my own social media marketing agency. And oh, boy, I think I’ve watched thousands of hours of youtube videos on how to start. I took notes of everything I found useful and finally did it!


happy new year


October was the month of taking risks. I jumped out of an airplane! If you can imagine, from 4000m… Fucking insane. I also visited Budapest, Hungary for the very first time with my boyfriend and my parents. It was my dad’s time to shine. He won a very important prize at his firm and we went to support him. Other than that, work work work. NON STOP WORK!


.     Hungary      hungary


November was the month of social distancing and being workaholic in peace. Yes, nothing much happened, just fucking working 24/7. Oh, and gym of course. Wow, I haven’t included going to the gym in any of the months. But, I imagined you knew that I was a gym bro already.


And December, honey… until a few days ago, I’ve had some kind of seasonal depression. I wasn’t feeling it at all! Everything was too stressful, too time-consuming, too money-consuming, I bought so many gifts, my bank account is still fucking crying. But, I’ve had a few great business meetings, which means that when it rains it pours bitch. So, money is always finding a way back to me. Haha, loves it!


2023 I’m done with yo’ ass! 2024 I am fucking ready for you! I know 2024 is my year fr fr fr. I’ll attract love, money, positivity and health.


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