How The Full Moon Affects Us

Ready to dive into the celestial roller coaster that is the full moon? Buckle up as we discover how the full moon affects our thoughts, stirs up our feelings, and compels us in a very curious and crazy way.


Sleepless Nights and Strange Dreams


Ever toss and turn on a night with a full moon, wondering if you’ve suddenly turned into an insomniac werewolf? Well, it’s not just you! According to research, the full moon may interfere with our sleep cycles, making it more difficult for some of us to get our beauty sleep. The full moon is like a midnight party crasher. Maybe we can blame it on the increased brightness messing with our internal melatonin production.


How The Full Moon Affects Us


And don’t even get me started about the dreams… Damn, I hate it! Every single dream is so vivid and feels so real. I mainly have nightmares though. It’s very exhausting in a way, they literally drain me. I also have like 4 dreams/ night. Like come one brain, shut the fuck up already. :))))


Emotions On Steroids


Imagine yourself standing outside admiring the full moon when you suddenly experience feelings in a very extreme manner. All of these emotions simultaneously decide to have a party in your heart: rage, nostalgia, joy, and melancholy. The moon has a great impact on our emotional compass. It’s fine, you’re not actually crazy. 


How The Full Moon Affects Us


Science tells us that the moon’s gravitational pull can slightly affect the water in our bodies, just like it influences the tides. Since our bodies are around 60% water, it’s not totally far-fetched to think that the moon interferes with our feelings.


Creativity: Full Moon’s Muse


Calling all artists, writers, and creative souls! Apparently, throughout history, people have associated the full moon with heightened inspiration. So, if you’ve ever found yourself bursting with ideas during the full moon, you’re tapping into a long-standing tradition. Maybe it’s the sleepless nights, the extreme emotions or the wild dreams, who knows?!


How The Full Moon Affects Us


Embrace The Lunar Madness


What else can we do? We should embrace the full moon, and everything that comes with it. Enjoy the wonderful parts and the dreamy allure of the moon. Make the best out of it, even if you don’t necessarily feel at your peak. It’s a period of change, that’s how I see it. A good, but uncomfortable, weird change. Until next time, hope you sleep well!


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