How Your Birth Date Connects to Your Cosmic Cycle

This week, we’re going to unveil the fascinating connection between your birth date and the moon phase that was present when you came into this world. I’ve seen a few very interesting TikTok videos lately about this topic and it’s absolutely enchanting. So, let’s discover how the moon’s magic is woven into the core of our existence. Thank you TikTok for educating us! 


The Moon Phase of Your Birth


We all know that the moon has been an object of inspiration for humanity for centuries. And just like our life journeys, it goes through various phases. But did you ever wonder what the moon was up to when you took your first breath on this planet? Well, it turns out that your birth date and time are intrinsically linked to a specific moon phase, and this connection can add a fascinating layer to the story of your life.


How Your Birth Date Connects to Your Cosmic Cycle


New Moon Births: The Pioneers


If you were born during a New Moon, consider yourself a cosmic pioneer. The New Moon signifies fresh beginnings, new adventures, and uncharted territories. People born under this phase tend to be full of energy, innovation, and a desire to start new chapters in their lives.


How Your Birth Date Connects to Your Cosmic Cycle


Waxing Crescent Births: The Manifestors (my boyfriend)


The Waxing Crescent phase is all about growth and manifestation. If this was the moon’s vibe when you were born, you might be naturally inclined to nurture your goals and dreams, watching them grow and take root. Your life journey could be marked by optimism and determination.


How Your Birth Date Connects to Your Cosmic Cycle


First Quarter Moon Births: The Decision Makers


The First Quarter Moon is a phase of action and decision-making. If this is your birth phase, you may find yourself constantly evaluating your path, making tough choices, and overcoming obstacles. You’re a natural problem solver with a penchant for taking charge.


the decision makers


Waxing Gibbous Births: The Perfectionists (my youngest brother – his moon is very close to a full moon)


People born during the Waxing Gibbous phase often have a strong drive for refinement and perfection. It’s a time of diligent work, fine-tuning, and making adjustments. You may have a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to improve upon what’s already there.


the perfectionists


Full Moon Births: The Illuminated Souls (my dad & I)


Full Moon babies, you’re in for a treat! Born during a time of illumination and culmination, your journey may be marked by clarity, fulfillment, and an ability to shine a light on the world. You have a natural flair for celebrations and reaping the rewards of your efforts.


The illuminated souls


Waning Gibbous Births: The Release Artists (my mom – her moon is also very close to a full moon)


The Waning Gibbous phase is all about letting go of what no longer serves you. If you were born during this phase, you might have a natural talent for shedding old habits, decluttering your life, and preparing for fresh beginnings. You’re the ultimate release artist.


the release artists


Last Quarter Moon Births: The Reflectors 


People born during the Last Quarter Moon have an innate capacity for reflection and evaluation. It’s a time of learning from your experiences, assessing your past, and getting ready for transformation. You’re a true introspective soul.


the reflectors


Waning Crescent Births: The Renewal Seekers (my other brother)


Born during the Waning Crescent phase, you’re all about surrender and renewal. This phase encourages rest, rejuvenation, and reconnecting with your inner self. You have a natural inclination to embrace change and renewal in your life.


How Your Birth Date Connects to Your Cosmic Cycle


So, there you have it – the moon phase at the time of your birth adds a unique cosmic layer to your personal journey. Cheers to the celestial journey, fellow moon chasers, and may your connection to the moon phases bring even more magic to your life!


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