Protect Your Energy

Let’s face it, protecting your energy is like playing the role of your own superhero. Owning your power, avoiding negativity, and embracing your beautiful energy. YOU are the most important always and you should treat yourself as such. Like a queen or king, of course. For those of you who are new in your self-care journey and don’t exactly know how to guard your energy, this blog post is for you.


Spot The Energy Vampires


You’ve got to spot those energy vampires, just like last week when we had a great time laughing at the pick me girlies. They are drama queens, everything they attract is rotten energy. So why stick by someone who only attracts negativity? Recognize them and hold onto your optimistic bubble.


Protect Your Energy


Self-Care: Your Ultimate Energy Potion


Think of self-care as your secret potion. It can be as easy as binge-watching your favorite TV-show, eating a chocolate glazed donut, or going for a walk in the park. Do what nourishes your soul; it is your defense against the madness of life.


protect your energy


Boundaries, Honey!


Boundaries are not walls; they’re your force field. They define what you’ll accept and what you won’t. Learn to say ‘no’ when you need to, and say a fuck yea to things that light up your life.


protect your energy


Choose Your Energy Clique


Spend time with people who are your biggest supporters and feed your happiness. Create a clique that inspires you. Sky’s the limit when you have the perfect team!


protect your energy

Zen Vibes: Mindfulness and Meditation


Mindfulness and meditation are your soul’s workout routine. They help you stay calm under pressure, keep you in the zen zone, and lower your stress levels. Keep in mind that these are your fighting strategies.


Taming Your Impulses: Self-Control


Gratitude: Your Daily Dose of Positivity


Gratitude is like a positivity potion. Positive energy is attracted to you when you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. With a grateful attitude in the morning, magic will begin to happen.


Self-love and self-care are required to protect your energy. Decide what makes you shine and let go of whatever doesn’t. Keep your energy in check and watch how your life will transform in its best version.


Protect Your Energy

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