Simple Tips That Transformed My Life

Get ready to level up your life with some seriously transformative tips! These simple hacks have really changed my day-to-day life. Here you have the secret recipe to living your best life. So, enjoy, bitches!


  1. Morning & Night Affirmations:

Start your day on a positive note by incorporating morning affirmations into your routine. Stand in front of the mirror, or lay in your bed or put on some relaxing music and tell yourself how amazing today is going to be, tell yourself that you are the luckiest person alive, tell yourself that you deserve only the best. It’s like a burst of confidence to kickstart your day! 


At night, recap your whole day. Focus on every good thing that has happened to you and tell yourself that you are a magnet for positivity, love, abundance and health. Trust me, when you shift your focus to the positive, you invite a whole lot of good vibes into your life.


Simple Tips That Transformed My Life


  1. Learn to Say No:

Repeat after me: “No” is a complete sentence! Learning to say no is a game-changer. Prioritize your time and energy for the things that truly matter. It’s not about being mean; it’s about valuing yourself and your well-being. You’re the CEO of your life – be selective about what and who gets your time and attention. 


Simple Tips That Transformed My Life


  1. Cute Planner, Productive Life:

You should have a to do list every single day. This will help you stay motivated and focused on what you really need to be doing. It adds a kick of discipline into your life. And being disciplined is one of the greatest superpowers one can have. Plus, checking off tasks is oddly satisfying!


Simple Tips That Transformed My Life

  1. Declutter Your Space:

A clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind. Take a few hours to declutter your physical space – toss out the unnecessary, organize your belongings, and create an environment that keeps you motivated. A tidy space is a happy space! 


Simple Tips That Transformed My Life


  1. Don’t Listen to Music:

You shouldn’t listen to music with words the first 6 hours of your day. Our brain is very susceptible to negative words or negative messages especially in the morning. Instead listen to podcasts, educational or motivational things. Your brain will soak it up like a sponge.


don't listen to music


  1. Phone Free in the Morning & at Night:

If you wake in the morning and reach for your phone, then it’s likely that you could be inducing a stress response within minutes of waking. The way that you feel early on in the day can impact the rest of your day. Plus, the dopamine rush you get from scrolling through social media is out of this world. It lowers your overall productiveness because your brain is going to search for a similar dopamine rush all day.

Staying on your phone right before bed makes falling and staying asleep hard. It may also interrupt your natural sleep cycle.


This is something I don’t do at the moment because I am a social media manager and own an agency. And as I am a workaholic, my mornings and nights are filled with social media. But, when I had the privilege to do this, my life was so stress-free. 


phone free in the morning & at night


  1. The Power of Hydration:

Glowing skin is always in! One of the simplest yet most effective tips that changed my life is staying hydrated. If you don’t usually drink water throughout the day, force yourself to drink at least 1L in the morning, when you wake up and 1L when you go to sleep. Boom, and you’re inevitably drinking 2L per day. Trust me, your skin will thank you!


the power of hydration


There you have it, girlies – a sneak peek into the simple tips that have made my life a whole lot easier. Remember, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Embrace these hacks, and get ready to transform into the best version of yourselves!


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