Spiritual Signs

Lately I’ve been feeling more linked to my spiritual self. I have phases and phases, phases when I’m more connected to my spiritual side and phases where I literally forget about it. There’s no in between. 


I’ve also been getting signs from the Universe about it, about tapping into my higher self. The first one was when a classmate of mine from school contacted me. I haven’t talked to him in more than 6 years. So kinda fucking crazy. He told me he had a dream with me in it and I was doing witchy magical shit. And at the end of his dream, he saw the numbers 111, 222 and 333. BITCH WHATTTT?! It was so random. Like he was one of those people you literally forget about. And then this… Shocking to say the least.


spiritual signs


Then, the second sign was my life path number. It’s 8. If you want to know how I calculated it, just search on Google. And 2024’s number is, yeah you guessed it, fucking 8. I’ve been feeling like this year is my year, for real. But that literally confirmed it. Like duhhh, we are number twinsies. 


spiritual signs

And last, I always manifest before bed. But, again, I have phases and phases. Phases where I truly believe what I manifest and phases where I forget to do it or do it just because. The past week, I’ve been really feeling it. DELULU BITCH! You can call me whatever, but it’s been working. I have got so many potential clients lining up for my services. And all of this happened THIS WEEK.


manifesting: Unleash your inner magic


Spirituality is something you can’t explain. But, I don’t believe in coincidences. Some things find you because you are meant to know them and share them with the world. Other things come to help and guide you into your journey.


Nonetheless, you either tap into it and embrace it or ignore it for as long as possible. But how could you ignore it when it’s something so present in our lives? I believe everyone has a path and everything happens for a reason. And that the signs you get throughout your life, will help you learn your lessons and evolve.


spiritual signs


Thank you for being here with me this Sunday! Thank you for supporting my journey and my blog! I hope you enjoy every moment here, on my website! See you next week. 


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