Stop Letting Small Things Ruin Your Day

Today I’ve had one of those days where every insignificant thing affected me deeply. It’s so annoying because I’m really trying to look past these small things. For me, when small and consecutive irritating things happen, I lose it! I let them ruin my day.


Today, I woke up and didn’t eat breakfast right away. Whenever I don’t eat, I get all cranky, so I decided to go to a restaurant and treat myself. I was hangry already. I don’t function well without food. I got to the restaurant, ordered hummus and stuffed eggplant. When the food arrived at my table, the hummus was basic and the stuffed eggplant wasn’t stuffed eggplant, it was eggplant salad. I was disappointed. Afterwards, I got home, didn’t have water, so I had to wait for a while to take a shower. I didn’t wash my hair in like a week, so I wanted my hair clean already. I felt so gross!


Stop Letting Small Things Ruin Your Day


All of these piled up, and I was mad! My day had been compromised! And for what?! You’re only making it tougher for yourself to get the fuck over! You channel all these bad vibes and energy and fuck up your day basically over nothing. There are smarter ways to cope with your anger.


The question you should be asking yourself is ‘why is this bothering me so much?’. I’m having a great day and I am so lucky just to be here, alive and have everything I need.


Why the fuck do I let these things trigger me? Because perhaps there is more to it than just what’s on the surface. Maybe I have some unresolved issues with myself that I need to understand and let go off.


Some of the things that help me escape the negativity in my head are: 


Lower your fucking expectations or even better have none. If you live a life of expectations, you’re forever going to be dissatisfied. 


Stop Letting Small Things Ruin Your Day


Stop complaining about shit. Complaining is such a mindless habit. It’s almost a reflex, I don’t even realize when I’m complaining and it’s so bad for my mental health. 


Stop Letting Small Things Ruin Your Day


Also, last but not least, focus on the positive things that have happened to you during the day. Oh, ok, I didn’t eat this morning, but I woke up next to my boyfriend feeling loved and we had such a nice morning together. 


Stop Letting Small Things Ruin Your Day


Center your attention on the positive things in life! The fact that I woke up today, it’s a blessing! I can walk, I can use my hands, I am healthy, that’s a fucking blessing! The people close to me are happy and healthy, a fucking blessing!


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