The Power of Vacations

Don’t we all love to escape our reality? To take a vacation in another country or city and forget about the world we surround ourselves with. Forget about work, stressful situations, all the burdens we have in life… Everything.  We all need a break sometimes and I think this is the perfect way to disconnect. 


You can love your job and enjoy going to it every single day, but still, we all think of traveling, visiting and taking a holiday. Right around this time of the year, everyone wants to go visit the arctic places where they have the best hot chocolate, mulled wine, those big ass pretzels which are so delicious and for my carnivores here, the sausages, the beef tenderloin, the pork scraps. Don’t even get me started about the cozy hotels, the long and warm showers after a long day freezing in the cold, the sauna and spa after skiing, the long walks at night after you’ve finished your dinner, the laughs, the conversations, literally everything.


For all my sport lovers, who doesn’t adore skiing or snowboarding on those fresh slopes covered with the perfect fluffy snow, where no one even stepped foot before. For me, it brings back all my childhood memories when I used to go skiing with my family in Austria. My parents didn’t know how to ski back then, but they would always wait for us in a restaurant there. I would go skiing with my younger brother and he would always go faster than me. Back then, it was kind of a competition between us, who gets first at the end of the slope. He always ended up winning. But, we had so much fun.


I would say that you should take at least two considerable vacations per year and occasionally some small trips around the country. It does wonders to your mind. I swear to you, whenever I come back from a holiday, I am a new person. That break you take from your routine, from your day-to-day life, is magical. It makes you have a more positive outlook on life, it makes you appreciate the people and the things around you more. It’s something essential for your well-being and for a healthy mindset.


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