The Single Hoe Phase VS The Relationship Wifey Phase

Ready for some real talk about the single life versus the couple life? Buckle up, because we’re diving into the pros and cons of these two awesome yet completely different phases of our life. Whether you’re swiping left or right on Tinder (which honestly I would never recommend… Tinder the fucking weirdest app ever) or your life is filled with love, cuddles and kisses, this blog post is for you!


The Single Hoe Phase




Your Life Revolves Around 1: Duhhh, I think the sub-heading is pretty self-explanatory. As human beings, we are individualistic and ego-centristic creatures. Even though at core, we are social animals, we value our individuality more than anything. It’s so much harder to think of two people at once, when we are used to only thinking of one. For example, I am hungry, I go downstairs, have a snack and come back to my room. With a partner, I have to think hmm is he hungry as well, does he also want a snack? Well, this was a very superficial example, but oh well, you understand.


Spontaneity Rules: Want to book a last-minute flight to Bali? Want to go for a walk in the park? Want to go to the mountains today? Go for it! Being single means your plans are written in pencil, not etched in stone. Embrace the spontaneity; the world is yours to conquer.


Self-Discovery Central: Being single is like an extended solo journey of self-discovery. You get to know yourself on a deeper level: your desires, your traumas, what makes you happy, what you want from a partner, what you 100% don’t want from a partner, passions, hidden talents, etc.


The Single Hoe Phase Pros




Third Wheel Feels: Ever been the perpetual third wheel? It can get old and lonely, fast. While your couple friends are doing the PDA tango, you’re their awkward +third in the corner. Party of one, anyone? 


No Snuggle Buddy: Netflix and chill? More like Netflix and no one to cuddle with. Solo snuggling has its self-care perks, but sometimes you just want a warm body to share the cozy blanket with.


Date Roulette: Ah, the world of dating. Weirdo on the left, emotional baggage on the right – it’s a wild ride. Getting to know someone new can be extremely exhausting. You never know what to expect. Is he a nice and handsome guy and has his shit in order or is it just a facade? Does he genuinely like me or is he going out with 3 other girls? Did he go out on a date with me to find out more about me or just to fuck me? 


The Single Hoe Phase Cons


The Relationship Wifey Phase




Hanging Out With Your Bestie 24/7: Having a boyfriend or girlfriend is like having a 24/7 sleepover with your best friend. Inside jokes, shared dreams, and someone to binge-watch your favorite series with – couple goals, indeed.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Two heads are better than one, right? Facing challenges together feels like conquering the world hand in hand.


Support System: When life doesn’t exactly go the way you plan it, having a partner to understand what you’re going through can be a game-changer. Emotional support, a listening ear, and someone to share the load – it’s a beautiful thing.


The Relationship Wifey Phase Pros




Decision Dilemmas: ‘Where do you want to eat?’ ‘I don’t know, where do you want to eat?’ Sound familiar? Decision-making can sometimes turn into a never-ending loop of politeness. Or ‘I want to go to the park.’ ‘Well, I don’t.’ It can become frustrating at times.


Personal Space Quandaries: Remember that cozy blanket from the single hoe life? Well, sometimes it turns into a battlefield for personal space. Balancing “we time” with “me time” can be an art form.


Compromise, Compromise, Compromise: From movie choices to weekend plans, compromise is the name of the game. Learning to meet in the middle is great, but occasionally you miss the simplicity of solo decision-making.


The Relationship Wifey Phase Cons


In the end, whether you’re in your single hoe phase or in your relationship wifey phase, both phases have their own unique charm. So, my fabulous readers, embrace your current status, revel in the journey, and remember – the best relationship you can have is the one with yourself. Cheers to the adventure of life, however you choose to live it!

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