What Do Dreams Mean

Dreams, while we all have them, we don’t know much about them. They can be so abstract sometimes, other times they feel so real and vivid. You remember people’s faces, even though you’ve never met them in your conscious life. You remember every gory detail, every inch of your dream, the place where you were at, the people you were with, the interactions you had, what you were feeling in those moments, the thoughts spiraling inside your head. 

Some nights, I wake up and don’t remember anything from my dreams. Nothing that has startled me, not even a feeling, nothing, it’s all blank. It’s like I didn’t even dream at all. How come I don’t remember? 

Last night, I had a very intense and lifelike dream. I was at a concert and was waiting for the artist to come on stage, but in the meantime, the organizers announced that he has passed away. Then, my dream suddenly changed, and I was in a huge house, almost a castle, with a swimming pool and everything you’ve ever wanted. I was a camera operator shooting a scene for a movie. And that’s when things started to get fucked up. Two people approached me, a couple, and apparently we had already met because they called me by my name and seemed to be pretty familiar with me. The girl started talking to me first. She had white hair on the top of her head and black underneath. Her makeup was crazy, she had a silverish chrome eyeshadow all over her eyelids and cheeks. She asked me a couple of weird questions and then her boyfriend stepped in and asked me if I had a tongue piercing. This woman proceeded to put her filthy hands on my mouth, as if she wanted to open it. I was clearly bothered by it and I told her to get her hands off of me because I’m a fucking germaphobe. After that, her boyfriend told me he doesn’t believe me and wanted to put his dirty hands on my face. I completely lost it! I started shouting at them from the top of my lungs. Then, I woke up. Very bizarre… What the fuck does this dream mean?

There are so many theories about the nature of dreams. They are an enduring source of mystery. They can represent our unconscious deepest desires, the traumas or stresses we are experiencing in our day to day life, or even our mind can be processing what has happened during the day and replaying it in a different manner. Are these connected to our subconscious mind only or are they a reflection of our multiversal selves?

According to my perception of the parallel universe, there are many of us, an infinite number of times. If every other of our self exists and is alive, then they can dream and have consciousness. Whatever happens in another parallel universe, appears in our dreams. Similarly, whatever happens in this universe, may be a dream to our other self who is in another parallel universe.

This is my take on it. My thoughts about dreams and what they actually are. But, in the end, who knows?

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